• Summertime! Do you feel that?

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  • "Your choices at the ages of 18-20-22 will determine your future," a senior told me. That's right, the 18-year-old girl chose to study at Chaoyang University of Technology in Taiwan, ushering in a major turning point in my life, but every time someone asked, my initial feelings flooded back.


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  • Kao Yuan University

    Kao Yuan University
    02/07/2021 17:38PM

    European and Asian architectural elements coexist here.

    Kao Yuan University with love. heart

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  • I miss you so much, what about you?
    In the warm spring season, the wisteria is floating down, beautiful and intoxicating~
    In front of the Swimming Pool of National Chengchi University, the wisteria is blooming densely~
    The wisteria symbolizes longing and blessing, and the flower language also tells a person's intoxicated love and intoxicating romance
    Are you missing someone?

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  • 2021 MSc in Engineering International Graduate Program - College of Technology.
    National Kaohsiung Normal University, (NKNU), Taiwan
    I. The foundation to a great career.
    • NKNU, a first-rate academic environment where both research and instruction can thrive.
    • Contributes to open courses
    • Provides diversified learning environment.
    • Secures students' employability with a global vision.
    II. Major Technical Course (BSc and MSc in Engineering International):
    Excellence. Humanity. Digitalization.
    • Concentration I : Electrical Engineering (including Software Engineering), (at least 3 out of 22 courses)
    • Concentration II : Industrial Technology Education,(at least 3 out of 11 courses)
    • Concentration III : Industrial Design Engineering, (at least 3 out of 11courses)
    III. Scholarship:
    We are committed to attracting the brightest and the best students to Kaohsiung regardless of background. At NKNU, we don't want fears about finance to stop prospective students from considering university. Have a look at some of our available scholarships from our website: https://nknu-tech-e.weebly.com/
    IV. Application
    •Deadline: 15 April every year (Please fill out the application online)
    •Application Fees: Free
    Contact Information
    V. College Office (Technology Building 5F)
    Tel: +886-7-717-2930 #7501
    Fax: +886-7-605-1302
    E-Mail: w@nknu.edu.tw
    Dean Office (Technology Building 5F)
    Tel: +886-7-717-2930 #7500
    Fax: +886-7-605-1302
    E-Mail: cph@nknu.edu.tw

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  • Christmas is coming soon, and many corners of the campus are decorated and transformed into gorgeous and pink-purple, predominantly.

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  • 📍The difficult 2020 is gradually coming to an end. This year we will design year-end lighting with the "circle" as the core, and hope that the coming year will be complete and endless ♻️.

    It will be on display from now until February 26 next year. Welcome friends and children to visit and take pictures together, and feel the warm atmosphere of the end of the year with us.

    From National Chiao Tung University with love 

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  • To design an Intelligent EVA remote control boat. So interesting!

    Looking forward to your creations, join us!

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  • Fooyin University

    Fooyin University
    04/12/2020 21:44PM

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  • We often think that taking a risk means getting out of here, facing the challenges, and overcome the difficulty.
    But the adventure may also be to be patient, walk slowly, and look at all the scenery around you with a slow vision.
    And there is much such scenery around Sun Yat-sen University. Welcome everyone to take advantage of the 40th anniversary and come to Sun Yat-sen University with a different vision.

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  • Providence University

    Providence University
    11/11/2020 10:54AM

    We come from diffrent countries, but here we are a family - Providence University 

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  • Foreign students wear special costumes to participate in the detour. The Alumni Association, Law Alumni Association, EMBA, Chung Hsiung University Affiliated Farmers also participated enthusiastically.
    The cheerleading team finals brought wonderful performances from the Department of Civil Engineering, Materials, Marketing, Economics, Agronomy, and Forestry.

    More photos: https://sec.video.nchu.edu.tw/media/806

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  • ~ Hey we come from 高科大

    ~ The lyrics and music were made by our students from the Hip-Hop club. Special thing in the MV, our actors also were self-directed and self-acted. Is it so talented?


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  • Chung Hua University

    Chung Hua University
    15/10/2020 11:15AM

    After more than two months of hard work by schools and manufacturers 💪
    The Second Male Dormitory which everyone is looking forward to, have started to use, 🎉🎉🎉

    Welcome to Chung Hua University.

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  • The official opening ceremony of the "Athletics and Football Stadium" on the Taoyuan Campus of National Taipei University of Business! 🎉🎉
    Thanks to the legislator Lu Yuling for her strong assistance in obtaining subsidies from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, provide students with a more complete sports space and a more substantial physical education environment. 
    The principal also hopes that students will make more use of this excellent sports venue. In addition to the opening ceremony, an inter-class team relay race was also held simultaneously~
    The game scene is very lively. 

    2020.10.14.Taoyuan Campus

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  • 💕Do you see anything special here? Oh yeah!

    Keep social distance, hope all you guy have a good health and enjoy in every moment on class— At Minghsin University of Science and Technology-明明樓

    #Campus corner

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  • Studying at AMM of CJCU Paves the Path from Corporate Internship to Career Building

    Department of Aviation and Maritime Transportation Management (AMM) of CJCU graduates play the dominant role in both Taiwan and foreign aviation management industries, including interns to top executives. Through practical professional training, over 20-year long industrial interaction cultivation, flexible internship programs, and experiences shared by more than 2,000 alumni, CJCU students with endeavors make the department of AMM well-known. In addition, the connections project of industry and talent provides a smooth transition for students to the workforce after graduation.


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  • There is beach volleyball at the NKUST Nanzi Campus. I really want to play~~~


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  • Tungnan University

    Tungnan University
    13/10/2020 21:47PM

    Now you don't need go too far to drink Starbucks coffee, right here next to the school gate. Would you like to have a date with me?

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  • Shih Hsin University

    Shih Hsin University
    13/10/2020 15:58PM

    In March, we specially invited the 三立電視台 #台灣亮起來 team to come to the campus to interview the intern team that went to CNN headquarters! Sharing the wonderful CNN trip.
    The show will be rebroadcast at 14:00 on 4/18 to witness the honor of the new world together!
    The students are amazing! Come and see their wonderful journey 🤩🤩🤩
    🎥 For the complete video, please go to ▶ https://www.shu.edu.tw/Spotlight.aspx?from=06&sID=27141


    三立新聞 台灣亮起來

    #世新大學 #CNN夥伴大學

    #CNN #大學生 #亞特蘭大 #新聞密訓 #傳播理論

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  • Hsuan Chuang University

    Hsuan Chuang University
    13/10/2020 13:47PM

    After the reconstruction of Hsuan Chuang University, the student dormitory is spacious and bright, as comfortable as your own home, where you can go to the telephone booth KTV to relax after class, and with a smart convenience store, greatly increases the convenience of life.

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  • #Computer Center

    # Computer Classroom

    #Class Status

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  •        The Chinese Language Center of National Dong Hwa University cooperated with Zhongzheng Elementary School in Hualien City for the first time, and held cultural exchange activities between foreign students and Taiwanese elementary school students on December 18 and 21. 24 foreign students from 10 countries including Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, the United States, St. Vincent, St. Christopher and Nevis, Colombia, and India participated in the seasonal class, and 12 from Zhongzheng Elementary School Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students plan to participate.
    Foreign students went to Zhongzheng Elementary School on December 18th. Principal Yang Chenrong came to encourage the primary school students and welcome foreign students to exchange. In the activity, the foreign students will broadcast a self-made briefing to introduce the history and food culture of Italy, Vietnam, Japan and Guatemala in Chinese. The elementary school students who have done their homework will also add their knowledge, which surprises the foreign students. Then the primary school students led the foreign students to play two games, "You Draw I Guess". Learn the languages ​​of "hello" and "thank you" from the game, as well as the greetings of Hokkien, Hakka and indigenous peoples.
           Through the activities, in addition to allowing foreign students to use Chinese to learn more about Hualien’s local culture, they also interacted well with Taiwan’s elementary school students. From the beginning, they were nervous and shy, and later became involved in the activities, got to know each other, and met again. The exchange activities are regardless of age and nationality. Foreign students and elementary school students cultivate friendships and learn from each other the cultures of Taiwan and other countries. They have rich harvests and good memories.


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  •          The International Affairs Office, the Language Center, the Academic Affairs Office, the Research and Development Office, and the Interdisciplinary Center jointly held the "2019/2020 Overseas Study Exhibition and International Carnival" on the first floor of the Book and Conference Complex today, providing a variety of overseas learning channels on the spot.

             The content of the activities and competitions allow students to have a deeper understanding of domestic and foreign knowledge and current affairs, and foreign students from 12 different countries and regions in the school will bring their hometown flavors, so that the students who come to participate can taste authentic and exotic cuisine without going abroad.
             This time, the splendid traditional dances brought by Nepalese students opened the show with Vietnamese students wearing traditional costumes. In addition to the joyful atmosphere of the on-site activities, through the holding of the carnival, students can further enhance their international outlook and vision, and have a better understanding with foreign students. Multi-substantial interactive exchanges and sharing of each other's diverse cultures and experiences will add a lot of exotic friendship to life in addition to studying in a different place in the future.

            ✨Thanks to all media for reporting✨
    ETtoday News https://s.yam.com/eyLZt
    China Daily News https://s.yam.com/MSS2v
    Taiwanmhnews https://s.yam.com/WMZq3




















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  • Tunghai University

    Tunghai University
    11/10/2020 16:27PM

    On the third day of the Lunar New Year, challenge 文理大道 and let yourself rise up!

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  • That's the chance of student's life 

    "The Vietnam Cultural Festival 2020 in Kaohsiung" has already started, Vietnamese students here we go.

    🎉  Anyone can attend, everyone has a gift

     🎉 More than 10 special performances

    🎉  Hundreds of gifts and sweepstakes

     🎉 Event Time: September 6, 2020 (Sunday)

    🎉 Hours of operation: 13: 00 ~ 17: 00

     👉 Venue:  高雄市 政府 勞工 局 1 樓 大禮堂 (高雄市 前 鎮 區鎮 中路 6 號

     Registration link: https://reurl.cc/exKd7j

    Note: Participants need to wear a mask, coordinate body temperature measurement, and on-site disinfection (Those with a forehead temperature of over 37.5 degrees or an ear temperature of over 37.9 degrees and those without a mask will not be allowed to enter the association. school). If you find yourself having a fever or the body is not feeling well, you should see your doctor or stay at home to rest. It is recommended not to join the program.

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