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  •        The Chinese Language Center of National Dong Hwa University cooperated with Zhongzheng Elementary School in Hualien City for the first time, and held cultural exchange activities between foreign students and Taiwanese elementary school students on December 18 and 21. 24 foreign students from 10 countries including Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, the United States, St. Vincent, St. Christopher and Nevis, Colombia, and India participated in the seasonal class, and 12 from Zhongzheng Elementary School Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students plan to participate.
    Foreign students went to Zhongzheng Elementary School on December 18th. Principal Yang Chenrong came to encourage the primary school students and welcome foreign students to exchange. In the activity, the foreign students will broadcast a self-made briefing to introduce the history and food culture of Italy, Vietnam, Japan and Guatemala in Chinese. The elementary school students who have done their homework will also add their knowledge, which surprises the foreign students. Then the primary school students led the foreign students to play two games, "You Draw I Guess". Learn the languages ​​of "hello" and "thank you" from the game, as well as the greetings of Hokkien, Hakka and indigenous peoples.
           Through the activities, in addition to allowing foreign students to use Chinese to learn more about Hualien’s local culture, they also interacted well with Taiwan’s elementary school students. From the beginning, they were nervous and shy, and later became involved in the activities, got to know each other, and met again. The exchange activities are regardless of age and nationality. Foreign students and elementary school students cultivate friendships and learn from each other the cultures of Taiwan and other countries. They have rich harvests and good memories.


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