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  •          The International Affairs Office, the Language Center, the Academic Affairs Office, the Research and Development Office, and the Interdisciplinary Center jointly held the "2019/2020 Overseas Study Exhibition and International Carnival" on the first floor of the Book and Conference Complex today, providing a variety of overseas learning channels on the spot.

             The content of the activities and competitions allow students to have a deeper understanding of domestic and foreign knowledge and current affairs, and foreign students from 12 different countries and regions in the school will bring their hometown flavors, so that the students who come to participate can taste authentic and exotic cuisine without going abroad.
             This time, the splendid traditional dances brought by Nepalese students opened the show with Vietnamese students wearing traditional costumes. In addition to the joyful atmosphere of the on-site activities, through the holding of the carnival, students can further enhance their international outlook and vision, and have a better understanding with foreign students. Multi-substantial interactive exchanges and sharing of each other's diverse cultures and experiences will add a lot of exotic friendship to life in addition to studying in a different place in the future.

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