Asia University

Asia University
500, Lioufeng Rd., Wufeng, Taichung 41354, Taiwan

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        Founded as Taichung Healthcare and Management University in 2001, Asia University, as it has been known since 2005, is ofte considered among most prestigious higher education institutions in Taiwan. It is based around 10km south of Taichung city centre. It performs well compared to other universities throughout Asia and of a similar age. Among other things, AU has been praised for its research output and teaching excellence.

       A port city with rare temples, classic cafés and teahouses, and a lower cost of living than many others in Taiwan, Taichung’s economic growth has partly been driven by its successful shoe-making and light industries. It is Taiwan’s third biggest city in terms of population and receives less rainfall than Taipei and Kaohsiung. AU’s campus buildings are renowned in Taiwan for their green credentials and award-winning architecture, which is often Greek or Roman-inspired. AU also owns the Asia Museum of Modern Art, a city landmark on campus with a distinctive triangular structure designed by famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando, an AU alumnus. It contains several permanent exhibitions and hosts a range of events.

       Giant artworks are also scattered across the rest of the campus. Taiwan is a growing study destination for foreign students, and given that those at AU are guaranteed to live in modern dormitories and have access to its new-build facilities, including a Colosseum-inspired gymnasium, and 100-plus student clubs. The university hopes to attract more high-quality students from overseas in the future, demonstrating a strong commitment to internationalisation.


500, Lioufeng Rd., Wufeng, Taichung 41354, Taiwan



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