National Chengchi University

National Chengchi University
No. 64, Section 2, Zhinan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City

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        National Chengchi University (NCCU) was founded in 1927. Over the past 8 decades through re-formation and development, we have been upholding our motto, “Harmony, Independence, Balance and Preeminence”, and have continued to refine our teaching methods and research in order to nurture talent for our country and society. We currently have 10 colleges excelling in the Liberal Arts, Law, Commerce, Science, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences, Communication, International Affairs, Education and International College of Innovation, 34 departments, one undeclared major in College of Communication, 47 master programs and 35 doctoral programs.

      Additionally, NCCU offers 14 on-the-job Master’s Programs, and also 5 distinguished International Master's Programs and one International Doctoral Program. NCCU also has 10 university-level research centers, which are Institute of International Relations, Election Study Center, Center for the Third Sector, Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies, Taiwan Studies Center, Center for China Studies, Humanities Research Center, Center for Aboriginal Studies, Center for Mind, Brain and Learning and Center for the Study of Chinese Religions.

      In addition, NCCU forms a consistent and articulated education system from pre-school level to the Doctoral program with its affiliated institutions, including high school, experimental elementary school and kindergarten.


No. 64, Section 2, Zhinan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City




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