National United University

National United University
No.2, Lienda, Miaoli 36063, Taiwan, R.O.C

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        The planning of National United University was grounded on its previous solid foundation. The ultimate goal of the University, aligned with the need for local and national development, is to establish a higher educational institution with global perspectives. Knowledge, Information Science and Management of Technology (KIM) have remained three objectives for the development of the University, and the world-wide renowned universities its models.

        To advance toward an internationalized education and research institution, NUU will extensively invite internationally recognized scholars to the campus and encourage its faculty and students to conduct academic study abroad. It is also anticipated that the University will become one that values knowledge enrichment and inspiration, character cultivation (refinement), creativity and innovation. Based on the addressed philosophy, the planned objectives and directions of development are Establishment of a fundamental framework for the administration of an internationalized institution. Gateway to the internationalized knowledge and perspectives. Enhancement and breakthrough of academic research.


No.2, Lienda, Miaoli 36063, Taiwan, R.O.C


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